Water Damage TucsonThere are people who prefer to live in a sprawling city wanting to immerse to its complexity and diverse lifestyles. Tucson is the perfect place for such people. It’s a different kind of a big city. It’s not an all concrete jungle like the other big cities. Life in this city is more quiet, chill and slow-paced. I don’t want to live anywhere else other Tucson. It’s a place where I enjoy the fresh air and the full ocean view everyday. It’s an urban place where I can still see fishermen casting their lines to catch my favorite mackerels. For me, there’s no other better idea than living closest to the sand and beach.

Other than the beach, the reason why I love this place is its weather. While other cities are sadly experiencing harsh seasons throughout the year, this place seems to be pampered by Mother Nature. Most of the year, we enjoy the sunshine. But we do experience cooler temperatures especially winter season and during stormy weather. Heavy rainfalls can sometimes soak up our streets and cause much inconvenience.  Sometimes, rain-related problems like water damage at homes are expected in the neighborhood.

A disrupting weather doesn’t affect my ongoing attachment to this place. I appreciate many things in Tucson. There’s never a boring day because there is a myriad of things to do here. It can cause a bit of distractions though if you’re working around the area. Maybe during work breaks, you will be tempted to take a walk on the beach or drop by to a happy hour. I simply call this pleasant distractions but at all times, discipline works best. There are other outdoor activities people enjoy like whale watching in a boat tour, beach volleyball, jogging, surfing, fishing or just simply sitting at one of the piers watching sun-kissed people come and go. Sun-bathing is a common favorite for all young and old people. Vacation spot is just nearby and people here don’t usually spend much money to unwind and enjoy. The vibe of the beach here is more relaxed and not too crowded compared to the beaches in the north.

Tucson is a melting pot of different races and cultures. This allows my palette to try different kinds of cuisines from all over the world and Tucson does have all kinds of restaurants. I am a perpetual customer to the Mexican and Korean restaurants in the area.

I’m glad I live in a big city of all things diverse. I have friends of different races. I have learned different cultures. I live without missing the different delicious food from other countries. We have oceans, deserts, beautiful rolling hills, great mountains, wine country and other things. Everything is within our reach. It is our choice to experience what life has to offer to us in Tucson.